Student Centered Learning

In the due process of education student plays a vital role. He is at the receiving end with the pure motive of acquire knowledge and information in the form of education. Student centered learning is a concept where students are the pivotal element in the process of education. Education process basically involves teachers, students and administrators.

Students acquire education; teachers deliver education while administrators manage the working of the educational institution. Teacher centered learning is where teacher is in the center playing active role while students are at the receptive end with a passive role. While student centered learning is where students are active, participating in their process of learning.

Education format was basically followed as a teacher giving instructions to the students and students are expected at the receiving end to grasp all the information delivered by the teacher. However with the advancement of science and technology and changing era the approach towards education also changed. Instead of just depending on the teachers and revisions, students started making attempts for group study and peer learning. This gave emergence to student centered education, a process where student themselves decide on their learning format and selection.

Student centered Learning facilitates active participation of students in the learning process from the independent point of view. In this process students are supposed to utilize all their class time composing the new formats of learning materials being an active participant. The classrooms are promoted by utilizing valuable learning skills that builds the students with ability of achieving far-reaching learning goals that leads to the motivating factor amongst the students. Learning also leads to the development of intellectual as well as personal growth. When student himself makes attempt to learn something in his format it has a faster effect on his intellect as well as knowledge. A teacher centered classroom can turn into student centered class room only when the teacher gauges the diverse background of the learners.

Integration of student centered class room in the curriculum

    Reinforces Students motivation towards education.
    Upholds group or peer learning.
    Reduces troublesome behavior.
    Fosters Student-Teacher bond.
    Student is responsible for his own learning.

Student centered learning has brought a drastic change in the teaching methods also. The approach for reaching and learning is evolving spontaneously with new and trendy ways to reach the learners. Learning becomes more productive when teachers allow the students to explore their own routes towards academic success. This success is more or less achieved when learners are thoroughly engaged with the active learning process. In this format teacher is just a medium for students to acquire knowledge and is just supposed to guide the students with new version of the learning material.

Student centered learning provides students with the opportunity to their own format of learning to the curriculum and apply it as this process provides an exclusive learning objective. Though teacher provides genuine and appropriate opinions student is expected to generate knowledge. With a good rapport amongst the teacher-student and effective communication teacher can gauge students needs interest and overall commitment towards learning material.

Student centered learning enables the student to be a facilitating factor in his own learning process. Student centered learning is one of the best option for higher education and learning process as higher education more or less evolves group discussions, peer learning and team work.

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