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Learning English as a foreign language can be a daunting experience. After a while, students start to wonder whether an in house training program can actually achieve its objective, to become proficient in English. To become a proficient English speaker there are plenty of barriers that students come up against. For example; tenses, phrasal verbs, vocabulary, and not to mention the many micro skills involved in learning English. There also seems to be a never ending road of linguistic contradictions that makes English even harder to grasp.

However with this in mind, in Jakarta, English training has become an ever in increasing business, with endless English schools opening up at a drop of a hat. Don't get me wrong I think it's a good thing as long as they have the Students' interests in mind. Nevertheless, there is no denying there are some schools that value the dollar more than the educational needs of their students. Therefore, when looking for a language provider that offers an in-house training program it is important that you ask the right questions about your training course before making any type of commitment. Here are just a few tips to bear in mind when choosing your next in-house training program in Jakarta.

Tip number one:

Remember don't let the language provider sell your company a training course that does not suit your purposes. There are many training courses available to suit your specific needs. For example, English for banking, English for Marketing, and even English for Pilots. Such courses are referred to as English for a specific purpose or in short (ESP). These courses are designed to meet the learners' needs. Therefore a good English provider should always be prepared to allow for the requirements of the company by providing a course tailor made to their specification.

Tip number two:

Now that you have established what course you want, it is important that the provider implement placement tests to determine the trainees' level. I am still surprised how many English language providers do not offer placement tests before starting a training course. For the provider to ascertain the learners appropriate English level, it is crucial to get a relevant measure of their initial level. This is achieved by setting up and implementing comprehensive placement tests. Briefly speaking, a standard test, in my opinion, should cover the four areas of language; listening, reading speaking and writing.

Tip number Three:

Once the placement testing process has been completed and a thorough report is submitted to the company it is essential that the English provider designs and creates student centered learning environments. When teaching any type of training course in Jakarta it is vital that the English training course is student centered rather than teacher centered. To most, teacher centered classes are
generally seen as boring, unproductive and ineffective. However, in student centered classes many educational experts have stated maximum learning occurs when trainers encourage students to "hear it, see it and do it". This approach allows trainees to become proactive learners who take an active role in their English language development. In my experience students of Jakarta have had successful results when following a student centered methodology.

Tip number four:

Finally, with regards to customer service an English provider must be prepared to adjust to the English language learners' continually changing needs. If an English training organization is a true solutions provider they must be prepared to face the challenges of a modern business in an educational setting. In doing this, they also need to meet the educational demands of the trainees in Jakarta. This is the challenge that modern business demands of English language providers; to provide an honest caring service that enables students of English to flourish while at the same time trying not to jeopardize the standard of English Education. These objectives can actually be achieved if one chooses to be creative, innovative and a flexible forward thinker in order to adjust to the modern needs of Jakarta. A truly professional English training is necessary if we are going to turn this city into a greater Jakarta.

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Article written by John Pinzone

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